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The Internet in real time

Fascinating 🙂

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Net Neutrality – A Victory

Finally, some good news! At least in the US of A 🙂 It’s probably coming to the EU soon and then, hopefully, the whole world. Remember how I went on and on about it before? (I know, I know, I get stuck in my ways.)

Well, finally, the FCC approved net neutrality rules and reclassified broadband as a utility (such as electricity and water). The whole set of regulations has not yet been released, and there is already a conspiracy brewing up about it, but I’ll try to stay positive for now, and enjoy this victory, knowing it is not the end, but only a small step in a really long road…
net neutrality


You may not be from the U.S.A (and neither am I) but things like that spread around fast. Please be aware and fight it as best as you can…

PROTECT IP Act Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

What they are trying to do is censor the internet. This is not the first time I have talked about it here and I’m sure it’s not the last. All the things we take for granted now could disappear overnight. Granted, this is a law for the U.S. but it all starts local and grows global. All I’m asking is try to keep an open mind to these things, don’t let others take away your freedoms or basic rights… It has been done before and it will be done again… Or maybe we can stop it.