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Greece – What you are not being told by the media

We live in the misinformation age. There’s just so much out there and it’s really hard to differentiate between what’s real and what is simply brainwashing.

Take the recent story with Greece, for example. You hear how Greeks are lazy, corrupted and how the European citizens have to pay so much in taxes for their failure. That may all be true, but there’s another story. The one you almost never hear and it speaks of corruption at the highest of level. The 1% of the 1%. The failure of a system that is not actually a failure, not for those who designed it to promote their own agenda. It is highly successful in that regard. The rich get richer, the elite stays on top and all is well with the world. At least if you happen to the elite. For everyone else, here, blame those lazy Greeks, it’s all their fault.

Here’s a nice article, but please do go on and read more. Read all the opinions, get all the data and then maybe decide for yourself. I’m still undecided by the way, but I do know that mainstream media is more fluff than essence, and that the true story needs journalists who dig deep and find truths that are hidden, unpopular and unexpected.



A new year has begun. A bit strange if you ask me. 2015 sounds so far into the future, but it’s not. It’s right here. It’s here and it’s nothing like we imagined it would be when we were kids. I thought for sure that by now we’d have flying cars and go on to space vacations regularly (ok, maybe I’m exaggerating, but that’s what we were promised, right?).

What sort of future did we get instead? Is it fun walking around carrying a smartphone sharing your location and private life with anyone willing to listen? I don’t know. I do it too. It’s kinda sad though. All that technology, all that potential, and what is ultimately used for is marketing. To get us to buy more stuff we don’t really need.

I think we can do better. Humanity deserves more than that. I mean we slave away at meaningless jobs, trying to get more money to buy things we don’t really need… wait, is that from fight club? Well, almost. It went something like this “We buy things we don’t need with money, we don’t have to impress people we don’t like”. I guess the point remains: why am I still quoting a 20-year old novel, a 15-year old movie? Why do we still live in a world where money is god? Why, even after (or during) the recession, did we not get it? Why slave away for other people? For faceless corporations, for greedy CEOs, why do we keep making excuses for them? Maybe we just like being peasants working for the king. It’s sort of always been this way, it just had different names over the centuries.

Peasant vs King

I’ll fight it for as long as I can. I am not a slave, I am not a peasant, I’m definitely not working so that the greedy people “on top” can make more money. I commit to making the world a better place. Through my work, through the technology we are so lucky to have, and through any other action that can actually help. I do not believe in collecting “likes”, I believe in studying, learning, sharing (in a good way), and acting in an organised calculated manner. But knowledge comes first.

It may be simple, but it is what I plan to do this year.