Give Peace a Chance…

It is not often that I feel the need to write about terrorism, war, peace and everything in between. I can remember Lebanon a few years ago and 9/11, which I don’t think I ever wrote about but has affected me deeply. From the attacks on the day, to the wars that resulted since. It never ends well. And yet, I remain silent most of the time, thinking there’s nothing I can do. I’m not really an influential blogger, a politician, or anyone who can actually change things. But I’m still human and saddened by these unnecessary acts of aggression. War is pointless, painful and destructive. Terrorist attacks are inhuman and sad. I have tried, but truly see no logic behind them, other than made-up reasons that have nothing to do with humanity and everything to do with selfishness. I know one of these days we will finally mature as a society and see that we have nothing to fear, or envy from others. We are all people who live in different parts of the planer. Having borders is an awful idea and the world economy facts do not help.  One day, maybe, just maybe, we’ll wake up and realise that these “differences” are only in our head. Borders are merely lines on a map and religions… well… don’t get me started…


P.S. This goes out to all people affected by war and terrorism, now and in the past. Paris is merely an excuse to remember, reflect and realise we are better than this. Terrorism, war and violence are by-products of a society in trouble. We need to face the facts and act accordingly.


4 thoughts on “Give Peace a Chance…”

  1. Give peace a chance Words of John Lennon. Whats happening now is drama of the worst kind. Nightmare. and i realise that in so many countries So many ppl suffer from this horror every day.We understand why ppl run away from their country in war.
    we can only pray and hope it stops. But thats wishfull thinking Marilena

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