It’s amazing how much capacity we have for love. It really is. Think of all the people who matter to you. Relatives, friends, lovers, and that wouldn’t be the end of it. What about pets? Or non-living things. When someone says “I love my iPhone”, and you think they actually mean it, maybe it’s because they do.

But let’s go back to people for a moment. Sometimes you fall in love and you just stay that way, for ever. You don’t need a reason, in fact reason has very little to do with it. I often wonder what motivates us to love. Being loved in return seems like the biggest incentive, but somehow that doesn’t seem right. Many times we are not loved back, sometimes love really is unrequited and even then we do get something back from just one-way love. What that is, I will probably never know.

But what I do know is that life without love is empty and cold. I have recently talked to someone who runs away from falling in love, away from anything that could cause any future pain. And, in a way, I understand it. Being hurt is not fun, but neither is a loveless life. I’ve had my share of highs and lows in the love department, and let me tell you, the lows may be bad, but the highs are definitely worth it.

Well, I know better than to give advice to the general Internet audience, but if anyone out there is in need for some encouragement, please take my word for it: don’t give up on love, there’s always hope even you think the last flicker of light has disappeared from the horizon…