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Sure, you’ve all been reading this blog long enough to know I’m a troubled soul. Troubled, in fact, by the very nature of the world we live in and the reality we perceive. I’ve read many theories, and have managed to form a few of my own, about what is real and what’s merely our brain’s way of filling-in the blanks. I have yet to come to any conclusions, mostly because these theories cannot be tested and cannot be easily confirmed or disproved.

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I’ve recently stumbled on this page which has lead me to look into the different theories that are briefly explained there and re-think some of them over. Sometimes you focus on one thing too much, you forget there are other ways to go about a problem. And this one, it’s not easy. It’s a fundamental problem and its understanding is key to understanding life and at least try to find some purpose in your own existence. Otherwise, what do we have? We can pretend life is just a brief event that does not affect the universe, or we can at least try to understand. By exploring, searching and learning, we essentially learn that reality, above all, is what we make of it.


Time Crystals

I read about a “crazy” theory the other day, related to perpetual motion. As the article says, Frank Wilczek has developed a proof of time crystals, physical structures that move in a repeating pattern, like minute hands rounding clocks, without expending energy or ever winding down. Unlike clocks or any other known objects, time crystals derive their movement not from stored energy but from a break in the symmetry of time, enabling a special form of perpetual motion.

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