Is our world a simulation? Think about it for a minute. How do we know that reality is real?  And if we really are living in a simulation, can we ever really find out? Surprisingly we might be able to answer that very question. Have a look at this.

I would love to get a “yes” to that question. Would it matter? Would it change anything? I hardly think it would make a difference in the long run, but it’d be really interesting to see how people would react to something like that.

As for me… I have already accepted that reality is complicated and not within my reach. I have long ago decided to live for the moment, be happy and cherish the small things in life (as cheesy as this may sound).

And another thought. Maybe, just maybe all we are, is really (REALLY) advanced computers; maybe that would explain all that batch processing we have to go through each night 🙂


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