It’s a touchy subject, some people pirate music, movies, games, pretty much everything and others just accuse them of killing an entire industry. Personally, I’ve found piracy hard to avoid. I usually buy/rent movies legally and buy all of my games but when it comes to music it gets hard. I love listening to new albums by new artists and I have always found just downloading music much easier. I try to buy the stuff I like the most, while I delete stuff I don’t like. But it’s always there, the feeling I maybe doing something wrong… Maybe it’s not right, maybe it’s OK, I can’t really decide. After all when I was a kid we would tape songs and listen to them many many times after that. Plus, they play for free on the radio and it’s not like I make any money off of it. But I hate hearing that companies don’t sign any new artists because there’s little money for experiments and instead they want to push Britney Spears types of artists who always sell well… That sort of thinking really makes me sad… Maybe spend a little less on games, a little more on artists I really like?
By the way, there’s an interesting take on piracy here: http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20120825/19545120159/piracy-is-cultural-opportunity-embrace-it.shtml


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