Math does NOT suck

Math is cool
Math Art

I’ve always liked math, it gave me a sense of wonderment, a weird sense of discovery and a longing to dig deeper to learn more. It’s an endless subject with so many real-life applications. We wouldn’t have any of the technology we have today without math. Yet, people seem to hate it at school and try to avoid it at all costs when studying or working. But it’s not a hard subject. It just needs some background. Lose that and you are lost. You can’t go anywhere. It makes you think math is hard, or even worse, that you are too stupid to understand it. I loved it at school and university and yet I did not always understand everything. It took hard work but what I came to realize is once you get it, this is it. You can solve everything they can throw at you. Until the next chapter comes on. And the fun begins again. This post reminded me of these things. Just wanted to share with the world.

By the way, the views on that post about cooking are spot on! What do you mean you can’t cook? Seriously? There are so many recipes out there and all you need to do is follow the steps. Like throwing some chicken into the pan. What’s so hard about that? Really! I cook every day and I never even thought it was about special skills. Just following steps and eventually some experience helps turn a simple dish into something yummy. Try this for inspiration

Oops, have I turned a math post into food again? Time to eat… now what shall we cook tonight? 🙂


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