Brave New World

I recently read this book and it made me think. I would love to live in a world without families. No parents, no children, no significant others. Never get attached to anyone, never feel any misery or pain. And if something goes wrong, there’s always a miraculous drug to make you happy again. But what did they sacrifice for this? Love, art, everything beautiful we now experience and admire. Without pain, happiness is taken for granted; without misery there can be no art; without love you cannot truly know any other person. As the book says, everybody belongs to everybody else. Good thing? Who knows. It might be scary to us now, as we think we are free, but if we had to choose, what would we do? Blue pill or red pill, the question strikes again…


You know what?

My old space was all fun and games. Never too serious, never actually taking a stand, trying not to offend anyone, trying to be as neutral as possible. But the blog was sort of like a side-dish. I had lists of movies, recipes, songs, bands, wines, websites. You name it. I had it. The blog was mostly random stuff I found online and wanted others to see too. The Impossible quiz, super cars – Ascari is still my favourite :), quizzes, personality tests… All that and more. Best 19 movies you didn’t watch in 2007-8-9 and there was a 2010 there waiting to happen. But wordpress is not fun (sorry wordpress). It looks like a serious blog and I’m supposed to either quit or adapt. I have trouble quitting or letting go of anything that once meant something to me. MSN spaces, Windows Live Spaces, no matter what it was called has been part of my life since 2005. One of my first posts was about the Da Vinci Code. Remember those days? How could I let go? How can I forget. It’s all here now but the pretty colours are gone, the history is lost, the magic has faded away.

But maybe, I could create something new, something serious, something important. Could this be the beginning of a beautiful friendship…?