Political Correctness

 Tibet’s spiritual leader found himself lost for words when a Czech journalist asked him what he thought about political correctness. "What do you mean?" he blinked, genuinely puzzled. His expression forced laughs from the crowd and an eloquent explanation from the journalist, but the Dalai Lama still looked stumped.


"What do you mean?" he repeated, shaking his head and turning to his assistants for help. After a lengthy discourse, the Dalai Lama straightened up but still radiated uncertainty. "I don’t know… I openly express – if someone’s short, I express it as short. If someone’s very tall, I say very tall," he mused. "Of course, if you create embarrassment, you can’t be saying this. But otherwise, black is black, white is white, yellow is yellow. And that’s it."

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Oh and btw I couldn’t agree more, I’m sick of this whole political correctness thing. I wonder why people can be so offended by others simply stating a trait of their appearance or personality…