What kind of traveler are you?

Do you like adventure when you travel or do you prefer the comfort of familiarity? Take this test (top of page banner) and find out! Based on your traveler personality type get unique recommendations about your ideal destination! Airplane

There are six traveler types varying from those who like adventurous trips to those who don’t like taking any risks when on holiday:

  • Venturer
  • Mid Venturer
  • Centric Venturer
  • Centric Authentic
  • Mid Authentic
  • Authentic

So where do I fit? I’m supposed to be a Mid Venturer which means:

As a mid-venturer, your personality fits
between venturers and those more in the center of the personality
spectrum ("centrics"). You share a number of characteristics in common
with pure venturers. You like to travel, especially to foreign
destinations and you seek new experiences and new destinations for
almost all trips you take. You are also physically active at home and
on trips. But, unlike your pure venturer friends, you don’t want to
take such extreme vacations and are more likely to plan your trips-set
an itinerary of places you want to visit and schedules when you will be
there. You also have more company. About 17% of the population has a
personality that matches yours, vs. only 4% for pure venturers.

And my ideal destinations? Varying! Las Vegas, London, Paris, Cancun… I still have some serious traveling to do!



6 thoughts on “What kind of traveler are you?”

  1. hehe cool but I’m a Mid Venturer :p somewhere between centrics and venturersi do like organizing trips, it’s almost half the fun 🙂

  2. yeah…i get into that trap when having to arrange something for my team at work..get caught between all folks wanting to head off in all different directions 🙂 and then we all decide to go with whatever common minimum all can agree on…

  3. yeah that sometimes sucks if you want to do something nobody else wants to do but the important thing is to have fun 🙂

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