OS X Netbook?


How disappointing… all these netbooks to choose from and not one from Apple 😦 I don’t know if they’re planning on ever selling one but there’s a solution to get us going until they do: Hackintosh a Dell Mini 9 Into the Ultimate OS X Netbook. I know, I know, WHAT? Well, maybe you have nothing better to do and you like customizing stuff or you think you can’t live without your OS X even for just browsing the web. I can’t blame you, just look at this:



Doesn’t XP look ugly in comparison? Of course I’m sure Apple wouldn’t like this very much and the Dell people wouldn’t be too happy about it but who cares right? 😛 Wouldn’t it be great to open up your Dell netbook only to boot up to Mac and not Windows or Linux? Apparently, it runs really good on the Dell Mini… Well… only one way to find out! 😉 http://i.gizmodo.com/5156903/how-to-hackintosh-a-dell-mini-9-into-the-ultimate-os-x-netbook


9 thoughts on “OS X Netbook?”

  1. oh Marilena im not that smart abt linux mac windows.i push the buttons and when it works as i want i smile lolyeah the seal slaughter is horrible…but reality we have to stop buying…not we ( u and i ) but the crazy rich world)Njoy ur new working weekbtw hows the weather in Cyprus??hugsMJ

  2. hehe at least you know what mac windows linux is :Dyup the rich ppl need to stop buying these stuff, I couldn’t agree more.weather here is great, sunny and warm!

  3. Hi MArilena the weather is getting better sun shines and its around 18 degrees..as u know Marilena for money things happen even buying babiesmy colleague her daughter lives in the Netherlads and its really hard to get a baby.she and her hubby want to much…but helasits always something probs with documents…and with times countries have an adoption stopi hope for her she will get a baby soonsmileMJ

  4. Marilena i wish u a wonderful Easter sunday and Monday..u like me to send u such a new kind of agenda???lolwell tuesday im gonna give him a new blanco piece of paper..Big SmileMJ

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