Has the market crashed yet?

Worried about the market crashing? Are you constantly being reminded by the media of just how fragile our economy is? Do you feel you can’t handle the pressure any more? There’s a perfectly good solution to that! Turn off the TV, stop reading newspapers and read a book! Or watch a movie. Or whatever. Just stop worrying, it doesn’t matter how much you worry about things, nothing’s going to change. With that out of the way and the real reason I wrote this post, just visit this website: http://hasthemarketcrashedyet.com/ 

Just check every day and that’s all you need to know about the status of the market and the so-called economic crisis!!



7 thoughts on “Has the market crashed yet?”

  1. Good solution! I have been doing the same stuff and asking my hubby to do the same as well! 🙂

  2. i don’t watch tv or read newspapers…so it looks i have been doing the right thing lolthank you for your comment…mwah…wishing you a beautiful weekend….andreas x

  3. i dunt need to chk the stock market
    though i love the way it fluctuates and teh whole chemistry about it — yes yes i am a bzness student…
    sumtimes its so funny people loose just cause of fear and sumtimes stock markets crash just coz of ppls fear …:D

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