Has the market crashed yet?

Worried about the market crashing? Are you constantly being reminded by the media of just how fragile our economy is? Do you feel you can’t handle the pressure any more? There’s a perfectly good solution to that! Turn off the TV, stop reading newspapers and read a book! Or watch a movie. Or whatever. Just stop worrying, it doesn’t matter how much you worry about things, nothing’s going to change. With that out of the way and the real reason I wrote this post, just visit this website: http://hasthemarketcrashedyet.com/ 

Just check every day and that’s all you need to know about the status of the market and the so-called economic crisis!!



January 2001 anyone?

Remember January 2001? Yeah neither do I 😛 But sometimes I wish I could go back in time, to see how things were, how things were supposed to move forward (but didn’t), maybe check on myself… well, now I can. And you can too 🙂 How? Try Google 2001! Yes, Google brought back the oldest index they could find in honor of their 10th birthday (has it been that long?). Try searching for 9/11, firefox, web 2.0, facebook, ipod and Paris Hilton 🙂 Talk about a different world! Maybe try searching for yourself and see what you were up to back then. You can even view archived versions of old websites, which is kind of fun, just found a site with horrible JavaScript telling me I have no permission to right-click. I would have copy-pasted the fact that Heath Ledger turned down an offer to play Spiderman and Anakin Skywalker! Oh what could have been 🙂



I did, however, find an iPhone! Yes, a real product called iPhone (http://web.archive.org/web/20010207002902/www.uioa.com/productcatalog/). I wonder how Apple handled that one! Actually, WTF this is just like the iPhone: fully integrated telephone and Internet device with a built-in touch screen to bring the world of the Internet into your home or office with the touch of your finger… Sounds like a cool product, doesn’t it? I’m guessing it’s not a mobile phone but… it does sound kind of similar 🙂

One more thing: life in 2008 as written by a person still in 2000 🙂 pretty close, but the real thing is not quite as depressing, RIGHT? :/

I’ll let you do your own searches… have fun re-discovering the past 🙂