Omega Point

 The universe is made by mind, within and without organism and that mind is capable of boot-strap leaps in it’s organizational self-expression, and we are privileged to be the witnesses of the final act of life going through some kind of immense, transformative, unfolding from itself, in a kind of vortex which has been building on this planet for billions of years, but which has been accelerating to such excruciating intensities over the last 25,000 years that is has called forth self reflective intelligence from the monkeys and the invention of quantum physics and space flight and shamanism, and it is novelty upon novelty, novelty so intensified that the genetic machinery can no longer carry it, and it bubbles out in to the epigenetic, into art and language, poetry and religion and religious mania, and romanticism, and all of these things. It is a progressive knitting together, an expression of the universe’s will to become, that causes me to think that we may be in the shorter gyres, the shortening spirals of this vortex of novelty and compression. (Terence Mckenna)


No matter what you think about 2012, the end of time and all the things we seem to be hearing about more and more these days there is no doubt all this is very fascinating. I have been reading about what people call the Omega Point (the maximum level of complexity and consciousness to which the universe seems to be evolving) and well what it basically means is that the world is coming to an end and some say it’s as close as 2012. I guess I’ve always thought I’d be here to experience the end of times but it seems that most generations think theirs will be the last so… 🙂

So well you can read the stuff I’ve been reading on how everything around us seem to be heading to their highest possible state of consciousness/complexity and how things like the I-Ching, the Mayan calendar and the Apocalypse all seem to be predicting we’re in fact very near the end…

Teilhard imagines a critical threshold, Omega Point, in which mankind will have reached its highest point of complexification (socialization) and thus its highest point of consciousness. At this point consciousness will rupture through time and space and assert itself on a higher plane of existence from which it can not come back.


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