WHO am I? WHY am I here?

There’s something about personality tests that fascinates me. You answer a few questions about yourself and you get to read what it is that makes you unique. It’s selfish but well we all need a little ego boost from time to time. So – surprise surprise – I took another one and – guess what – you get to read all about it! So this one is about three major realms of everyday functioning: thinking/working/emoting. You can take the test here (it requires registration but it’s worth it).

So these are my results:

Thinking: Empath

  • By proximity, they can tune into the emotional state of others.
  • They are often unaware of their own intuitive power.

"From infancy, the purely
emotional Empath strength intuits the world around them. They feel so
intensely about everything that others can be confused by the depth and
range of their expression — from uncontrollable laughter to
inconsolable tears; sometimes both at once. Empath responds quickly and
personally to all and environment. For others it can be disconcerting,
but for them emotionality is the throne upon which their one-of-a-kind
intellect sits. When you know answers but can’t explain how,
cannibalistic self-doubt can gnaw and weaken confidence. Empaths often
doubt their own emotion wisdom and try to be "logical" instead. And for
these emotion-intellects it is tantamount to swimming against their own
nature. Linear, step-by-step thinking must be taught to an Empath. In
school, gold stars of former glory grades often turn into good grief by
junior high. This is usually when their academic confidence plummets.
Doubt can clip their potential’s wings before they even attempt flight
and before they test their unique intellectual capabilities. An Empath
is often in the dark about their innate gifts."

Working: Philosopher

  • As employees they refuse to tell others what to do and will not assume responsibility for any other’s doing.
  • They generally choose highly-specialized fields or industries and contract-out their services.

"The Philosopher strength is an
uncanny ability for being on-the-spot when leading edges are sharpened
and discoveries unveiled — though seldom are these individuals the
authors and creators of such events. Their knack is for pointing out
what others may not see and explaining what new change has come. They
often clash with authority over should and must issues.
Characteristically, Philosopher suffers an allergy to authority and
uniforms, regardless of cut, colour and cloth. Asking tough questions,
such as why? and why not? tends to reduce their chances of succeeding
hierarchically. Their reluctance to direct and boss others
significantly reduces their value, managerially-speaking. Philosopher
tends to be most intelligent, most hard working, and most likely to
refute and refuse any policy that is not in sync with their personal
creed. They often choose a career that allows them to freelance and
contract their services. Wealth and material gains do not motivate
them. Affording them choice does. Philosopher demands autonomy,
personally and professionally. They tend to captain their own ships and
are renowned workaholics. They may only do what they like, but they
like doing it a lot, apparently."

Emoting: Evokateur

  • To them the world in general is somewhat barbaric, and people, hurried and harsh.
  • They’re extraordinarily cautious about long-term commitments.

"An Evokateur does not live with
us, or as us, in this world. They are born aware of other depths,
dimensions and realities. Others can find these purely emotional beings
difficult to understand. Some find the concept of such emotionality
interesting, some envy them, but for most people — nightmares are more
welcome. Regardless, emotions rule the Evokateur strength and that
means one thing: ultra-creativity. Evokateur-world, just behind
Evokateur eyes, is as real for them as this one of ours. Relating to
them is multi-frustrating for most, though multi-enlightening for some
— those who understand and experience the Evokateur strength discover
that love has more layers than previously realized. Others speak of the
extraordinary Evokateur oddness. History speaks of their extraordinary
accomplishments. However, extraordinary tends to travel odd paths;
those on this or that side of normal. And while they have many lessons
to master, pleasing others is not one of them."


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