iPod Engravings

As you may know, you can now order an iPod with a custom, laser-engraved message. Here’s a list of some funny messages people chose:

  • “One time at band camp.”
  • 49 20 66 75 63 6b 69 6e 67 72 75 6c 65 (translation: I fucking rule in HEX)
  • I don’t need good taste, I’ve got selection.
  • Kiss me, I’ve got Irish music.
  • “To all the Chinese children who made my iPod, Thanks!” 
  • George Bush Hates Black People
  • fatti i cazzi tuoi (Mind your own f-ing business)
  • I Don’t Do Windows
  • Trapped in iPod factory. Please send help
  • Me vs. RIAA: Exhibit A
  • My other iPod is a Millenium Falcon
  • Steal At Your Own Risk. Bomb Installed 
  • Tom Cruise is a couch humping homo
  • Mic0s0f7 5ux a$$
  • I may be small and white but at least I’ve got a big disk! 
  • Don’t fsck with me or: $find / -name u | /dev/null
  • Scratch your balls, not my metal.
  • Who said Apple sucks?
  • Save water, drink beer and shower together 
  • Now you have two little white pocket rockets.
  • People will pay more to be entertained than educated. 
  • WARNING: Contains Yanni Box Set
  • 10,000 reasons to ignore my wife
  • If only women’s buttons were this easy to push.
  • This iPod makes up for my small hard disk.
  • Once you go small and white…
  • 98% Liberace-free
  • Harmful If Swallowed
  • Dear [insert name], Thanks for the iPod idea. Steve Jobs
  • I’m so trendy look at my white headphones! 
  • Size Does Matter
  • Musically Disturbed 
  • Weapons of Mass Distraction Inside 
  • Contents Under Pressure from RIAA
  • My other handheld is a PocketPC
  • CDs are for amish people!
  • Quarter free jukebox
  • Why drink and drive, When you can smoke and fly.
  • I last 8 hrs. You last 2 minutes. Who’s the man?
  • My iPod can beat up your honor roll student
  • Your mamma uses a walkman.
  • “Say hello to my little friend”
  • FCUK THE SHUFFLE, WTF I Ordered a 60 Gigger!
  • Gopz tbzpj dhz hss zavklu.
    [If you use the first line, as the input for the second line. It produces the text “This music was all stolen” in plain english.]

Apple also rejected some engravings. Here’s a list:

  • 10,000 Stolen Tunes Inside
  • Not to be used as a suppository.
  • I cost more than three hookers.
  • When my battery dies, so will you.
  • Not responsible for prolonged damage to the ear & brain.
  • iPod Limited Edition: Retard Compatible.
  • Rip, Mix, & Burn Down RIAA Headquarters
  • Cocaine and razor blade not included.
  • Lick My Shiny Metal Ass
  • karma is a bitch
  • Bad Mother Fucker
  • Something small & white that Enrique Eglasias Isn’t In.
  • I play with myself.
  • Steal this? Will self destruct when used.
  • iMasturbate five times a day
  • Screwing The RIAA One Download At A Time
  • I cost more per ounce than cocaine.
  • This iPod will self destruct in 1 year.
  • Practice safe sex… Go FU*K yourself!
  • Controls on reverse side, you STUPID FCUK!

Hmm… I really want one now Tongue out




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