Let’s talk about love

You know how I hate talking about the same things all the time but it seems my previous post caused some confusion. I do not "hate" love,  I  love love (does that make any sense? :P). Well anyway, I just think that love does hurt sometimes and that quote I posted by Neil Gaiman is spot on… But even with all the pain it causes you can’t help but fall in love, you can’t stop it no matter how much you talk about it, no matter how much you say you want to avoid it, no matter how much it hurt last time…

So about falling in love… check out this picture: http://www.everydayunclothed.com/cpg/albums/previousuploads/graphics/educ07070534046.jpg


2 thoughts on “Let’s talk about love”

  1. well its so true, inspite of hurts you can’t stop yourself falling in love and the best part is when you are in love then all the things near you starts changing, i thing love is a game for big players (in the sense who wants thrill in life), people usually happy with the small small things. but if you want a real happiness, then have to love someone. BEWARE: if it doesn’t work out then you have to face the consequences also..

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