Ancient Greek Computer?

I read about this ancient greek computer on an article a few days ago. It’s considered by many scientists to be an ancient mechanical analog computer, probably the first of its kind. It’s called the  Antikythera Mechanism and it could be the first computer ever built. It has been recently reconstructed and the findings confirm that this machine is capable of providing accurate position of the planets for any given past or future date!

The device is remarkable for the level of miniaturization and complexity of its parts, which is comparable to that of 18th century clocks. It has over 30 gears, although some have suggested as many as 70 gears, with teeth formed through equilateral triangles. When past or future dates were entered via a crank (now lost), the mechanism calculated the position of the Sun, Moon or other astronomical information such as the location of other planets.

Ancient Greeks seem to have invented everything first. I’m waiting for the time someone will dig up the first Ancient Greek movie

One thought on “Ancient Greek Computer?”

  1. I think someone did dig up an ancient greek movie, called alter ego or smth…:P That thing is interesting, I wish we knew exactly how they used it…hmmm….

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