The Apple iPhone

The Apple iPhone is now a fact!!! I really had no idea it was coming but I was looking at my iPod nano and thinking "wouldn’t this make a great phone?". It’s slim, light and easy to use… Why haven’t they made a phone out of it yet?
Well guess what! They have!!!! I’m really excited about this, I’m going to save money to buy one (maybe :P).
Anywayz you can read more about the phone here:
Have fun
P.S. Thanks for letting me know about this (you know who you are)

3 thoughts on “The Apple iPhone”

  1. Well did you check the size of the thing though? its hardly "nano".
    And by June they’ll be other exciting new smartphones especialy now that Apple has shown this. It doenst really do it for me.
    I’m a pocket PC kind of guy myself. I have a palm Treo at the moment.

  2. Well yeah it might not be nano but it’s still much smaller than PDAs and the interface is just amazing…
    Of course other similar products will follow but if it’s anything like iPod this thing is here to stay…
    Oh and btw other companies ALWAYS follow Apple… I mean look at Windows 🙂

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