Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you!
May all your wishes come true this year

Quote of the day

"Love and happiness are merely driving forces for what is ultimately the goal of life: death".
Very profound isn’t it? It should be, it’s mine
Well anyway, I was reading this article on how human existence is possible only if fundamental constants such as the speed of light or the strength of gravity are not higher or lower than what is observed. I found it quite interesting and much more optimistic than my "quote". It’s a theory but it’s worth a look if you are looking for something interesting to read online…
For more space news check out which includes an article about how liquid water may have flowed within the past few years on the Red Planet. Maybe there really was life there after all… Well who knows…
Back to my profound quote now… I really have been thinking about life and all the things we go through every day… and for what? We all end up dying… It’s a bit sad… Is our life really such a waste? Or is there a purpose? It really gets to you when you think about this stuff… Everything around you seems so pointless… Erm.. yeah whatever, I’m off… Invasion is on