A dream come true?

Before I say anything I would like you to check out this website: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2432164/ 
If you know me at all you’ll know I’m an IMDB freak 😛 If you REALLY know me then you’ll know I’ve had an IMDB account since 1999! I have voted for over 500 movies and I regret for not regularly voting sooner.  Surely you understand that me being on IMDB is a dream come true. I never managed to finish that movie script I started, I was never in a movie and I never directed anything… But somehow I managed to get my name on a list and… here I am… IMDB’s 2432164th person…!!! Impressive isn’t it? Hehe maybe not… But it’s a start
So how did I do it then? How did I become an associate producer for the The 1 Second Film and could you do it too? A quick look around the "1 second film" forum will provide you with the answer. What this film really is about is charity and getting as many people involved as possible. Anyone can donate any amount of money they wish and become a producer. The film really is one second long but the film credits will take two hours or something…!

For more details about the one second film and how you can be a producer take a look at:
21/05/2007 Update: IMDB decided to remove producer listings for The 1 Second Film 😦 it seems there were too many producsers to keep track of… so my name is removed too… I’ll find a way to get my name in there somehow…