The best things ever

The best things ever according to

  • The ability to instantly teleport anywhere in the world
  • Waking up next your significant other and realizing that they are the one
  • Finding a 20 in your pocket, you never knew you had.
  • Simultaneous orgasm with someone you love
  • Getting better grades than the "smart" kid in class
  • Hot steamy sex in the shower
  • Finding twenty bucks in your back pocket week after week
  • The smell after it rains
  • Hearing someone say ‘I love you’ and knowing they mean it
  • Finding cash in your back pocket when you’re broke
  • Realizing that you are really happy with your friends
  • Your own tropical island where anything you want magically appears
  • Saying the perfect thing at the perfect moment, so that everyone laughs long and loud.
  • Personal theme music so you know when something good or bad is about to happen
  • Finding out that that hideous accident/chemical spill/etc that should have killed you has instead imbued you with superpowers
  • Comfortable silences
  • Finding a job that pays a lot for your knowledge without requiring you to actually work
  • A world with no STDs, overpowering religions, corupt politicians, theifs, prices, and you actually have freedom of speech to say whether or not you approve of something without being crusified by the other side.
  • A hairstyle that takes no maintaince but still looks good on you
  • Being able to accomplish all you want; while living with the love of your life


Some of them are quite true too  

I would just add the sight of a rainbow after a storm , gazing at the stars with a loved one  and the feeling you have after waking up from a great dream…  


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