Lost moon landing footage and Pink Floyd

How, you may ask, are these related… First of all, in case you didn’t know, NASA admitted recently (last week) that they had lost the original moon landing footage. They still have the copy (the one we got to see on TV), which is of a much lower quality than the original, but the high quality one is lost… With the story all over the news, they had to start a formal search for the missing tapes and admit to the world that they had no clue as to where the original moon landing film was…
Now, where does Pink Floyd and more specifically Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side Of The Moon fit in? Apparently, rock video director Peter Clifton had ordered the reel in 1979 for a rock film he was making about Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side Of The Moon but forgot he had it until seeing a news report on television recently…
This is not the end of it however. We are talking 700 tapes here, of which only 2 have been recovered…
Of course some would say the moon landing was faked and that losing images of a hoax is not such a big deal but I’m not going to go into that, I really wouldn’t know…


One thought on “Lost moon landing footage and Pink Floyd”

  1. Hehehehe,
    Of course NASA claim to have lost the tapes – but not because they faked the moon landing, simply that if the public saw the *real* tapes then they would also see the footage of the secret Nazi moon base, the B52 bomber, Elvis’ secret moon palace and The Clangers…….
    🙂 Love your site by the way.

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