Our solar system is expanding!

I heard this story on the news while I was on holiday and couldn’t really believe what I was hearing… 3 new planets? WHAT? Where have they been all this time?! Anyway, it turns out scientists have been working on a definition for a planet and came up with a planet being "an object that orbits the sun but is massive enough for its own gravity to put it into a spherical shape". Apparently, according to this definition, there are 12 planets in our solar system…
Nothing is final yet, but it looks like they might actually go for this… The voting will be held on the 24th of August in Prague…

25/08/2006 Update:

they decided they wouldn’t go for the 12 planet thing but to avoid
having to add UB313 (Xena) as a planet they had to demote Pluto… so
one less planet in our solar system… too bad though, Pluto used to be
my favourite…


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