Stop the war

I’ve tried to stay out of it for as long as I could… I can’t any more… This is a disgrace! We need to come together and fight back, we can’t just pretend we don’t see what’s taking place practically next door… (I do live in Cyprus…)
Personally, I’ll try and get more involved. If you have any thoughts of what we could do please let me know… There must be more people out there who feel like this…
What really made me tick today is reading about Bush banning stem cell research because fetuses are human beings too and we cannot discriminate against them based on size and location? Of course, how thoughtful of him… How about all the people dying every day in the Middle East? Is it ok to discriminate against them because they are not in the correct locaton (i.e. US and US-friendly nations)? Yes of course it is… That’s Bush logic for ya… [I’m going to argue about stem cells here btw… this is not what this post is about…]
Please guys, any suggestions are welcome…

Just a few sites to get us started: