Love Poem

I’m posting a poem here, I didn’t write it but it’s spot on…



The first moment I looked upon you,
From then, I knew, you were the only one for me.
That first moment I will cherish in my dreams,
How special and beautiful you were to me.

That first moment, your head was bent in sorrow,
Of a lost love, of the breaking of your heart.
From that moment, the sky began to fade,
The world began to tear apart.

So, I gained courage to jump in, to help,
Although it was an impossible task.
But I created a new love for you,
And for that I would reminisce the past.

From the moment I opened your heart,
I knew I would be happy now and forever.
The happiness I so longed to feel,
Now I believe in "Happily Ever After."

What I am trying to say to you,
I will now cut to the chase.
I love you now, with all of my heart,
There is no one that will ever take your place.





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