Some fun quotes (1)

  • God is a comedian, playing to an audience that’s too afraid to laugh.” (Voltaire)
  • People who make no mistakes do not usually make anything.
  • [A pessimist is] someone who thinks everybody is as nasty as himself, and hates them for it.” (Shaw)
  • A little inaccuracy can save tons of explanation.” (Saki)
  • All human actions are equivalent, and all are doomed to failure.” (Sartre)
  • A cynic is a man who, upon smelling flowers, looks around for a coffin.” (Mencken)
  • Curiosity kills more mice than cats.
  • Culture is, roughly, anything we do which the monkeys don’t.” (Raglan)
  • Birth, n., the first and direst of all disasters. (Bierce)
  • Blow your mind. Smoke gunpowder.
  • Everything that is not forbidden is compulsory.” (Gell-Mann)
  • Glory may be fleeting, but obscurity is forever.
  • History repeats itself; historians repeat each other.” (Guedella)
  • History is the sum total of things which could have been avoided.”(Adenauer)
  • Humankind cannot bear very much reality.” (Elliot)
…. to be continued

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